Choosing Paleo For Weight Loss And Fitness

If you are like most people, you have a number of priorities. You want to reach your weight loss goal, and achieve physical fitness. You want to lose body fat from trouble areas, and you also want to be healthy. Paleo is an excellent approach that will provide all these benefits.


What Is Paleo?paleo-table

Paleo, or paleolithic, refers to a period of time when our prehistoric ancestors lived. In recent decades, people have been considering the benefits of the foods eaten by these hunter-gatherers in the distant past.

There are many health benefits to a paleo diet, including the ability to achieve and maintain weight control.



How Paleo Can Help With Weight Loss And Fitness

The foods allowed on the paleo diet are naturally low in calories. When you make the diet a part of your everyday life, you will lose unwanted weight. You can also shed pounds and inches from the trouble areas of your body. For more on trouble areas, check out Trouble Spot Nutrition Review as it compliments the paleo lifestyle nicely.

The nutritional benefits of paleo foods increase your health and overall physical fitness. Each group of foods contain essential nutrients for your health. You can have energy, strength, and muscle instead of excess body fat.
Foods You Cannot Eat On The Paleo Diet

The diet is based on foods that were available to hunter-gathers. People in the paleo era did not experience the health problems that are common in today’s era because they did not have the products that are popular today. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are often caused by modern dietary habits.

When you are on the paleo diet, you must avoid all processed foods. You should not consume grains, dairy products, sugar, or salt. You should also avoid refined carbohydrates and refined fats.

What Foods Are Included In The Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet emphasizes fresh, plain, foods in their natural state. It is a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. More than half of your calories each day should come from natural sources of protein.

There are many sources of protein you can enjoy on the paleo diet. While avoiding processed meats and meats that are high in fat, you can have a wide range of meats in your diet. Lean beef, steak, lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey can be eaten regularly. Game is appropriate for the paleo diet, too. Venison and rabbit are two examples. You can also obtain your daily servings of protein from fish, seafood, and eggs.

Nearly all vegetables are included in the paleo diet. However, limit the vegetables with a high starch content. Squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are starchy. Your diet should be plentiful in green vegetables, carrots, onions, and peppers.

Fruits and berries are approved for the paleo diet. You can have servings of berries and fruit every day. Fruit contains fructose, which is a natural alternative to sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

Seeds and nuts can be included in meals or eaten as a snack. The full range of nuts and seeds fit into the paleo diet. If your concern is losing weight, eat seeds and nuts in moderation. While they are very healthy products, they do contain fat and calories.

You may need fats and oils for cooking, or to add a bit of flavor to your meals. While you can use fats and oils with the paleo diet, they may not be the products you currently use. There are some fats and oils that are both natural and healthy.

Some Paleo-approved oils include macadamia, olive, flaxseed, and coconut oil. Natural, grass-fed butter, such as ghee can be used on the paleo diet, too.

Water and herbal tea are the best beverages for your diet. You can have a moderate amount of tea, coffee, and wine.

Many people who start the paleo diet quickly learn to appreciate the delicious taste of fresh, natural, plain foods. Steamed vegetables, sliced fruits, and plain meats do taste good. However, if plain food is not your personal preference, this does not mean you cannot adhere to the paleo diet. You can choose from a wide variety of recipes with paleo-approved ingredients.

Why Choose The Paleo Diet?

If you are considering a new diet, you may be thinking about weight loss and your health. The paleo diet is an excellent way to address both of these issues at the same time. You can reach and maintain your ideal weight, become physically fit, reduce your risk of many diet-related health problems, and feel good.

Another reason to choose paleo is the diet is wonderfully simple. You can gain all of its benefits without counting calories, reading labels, or measuring portion sizes. The paleo diet makes losing weight and increasing your health a natural process. One of my favorites place for recipes is the Paleo Grubs cookbook. There’s a great review of it here: Paleo Grubs Book Review.

There is a third reason to choose the paleo diet. Unless someone has a specific health condition that restricts the foods he can eat, the paleo diet is safe and appropriate for everybody in your family. Even the youngest children in your household can learn healthy eating habits. They can enjoy the health benefits of the paleo diet for the rest of their lives.

Now Is The Time To Start The Paleo Diet

If you are ready to shed unwanted pounds, inches, and body fat, you have made the right decision. You can avoid starvation diets and diet pills that harm your health, and do not produce long-term results. You can make another smart decision by making your health your priority. When you have this decision in mind, the paleo diet is the sensible option.

Our ancestors in the distant past were very  healthy. They relied on foods that could be easily found or grown. You can take a step back in time to claim their healthy eating habits and have a lifetime of benefits.

Weight loss and fitness will not be an issue because they will occur naturally. From simple, honest food, to an assortment of recipes, you can have the benefits that came naturally to our ancestors. Everyone in your family can be free from health problems associated with modern food, and enjoy good food and good health. Here are some tips for kick-starting your Paleo diet:

Financial Success For The Physically Active

It is no coincidence that the wealthiest individuals, the ones people around the world consider successful, are also mentally agile and very, very smart. Not all of them are physically fit, but a lot of the world’s most successful people see the connection between bodily well-being and brain health. They encourage the brainiest individuals in their companies to stay fit and to eat well by creating facilities which promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness for Success

There isn’t necessarily a direct connection between basketball, soccer, or tennis and money unless you are playing in the big leagues. Most people can’t make those sorts of claims and, even if they could, this would eliminate a big group of wealthy, successful women. Women’s professional sports isn’t nearly as lucrative as men’s versions.

Instead, consider another way that sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, and martial arts intersect. Participating in any one of them could increase your creativity and lower your stress: here are some reasons why.

Mental Agility

Learning to play a new sport or taking part in a brand new athletic activity involves some re-training of muscles and of the mind. There are new routines, new skills, and a set of rules to understand, adding to the existing collection of rules, routines, and skills one has already learned. Doctors and psychiatric professionals agree that a mind can continue to grow and develop when challenged even as a person becomes older. The brain will also lose flexibility, and one becomes forgetful, even to an alarming extent, perhaps developing Dementia when that grey matter is not used to its fullest extent. That’s why brain puzzles such as Acrostics, Sudoku, and Kakuro are recommended for older people.

When one is young enough to tackle a new and potentially grueling sport, with no health issues to cause concern, basketball is an excellent choice. One must be aware of movement on three sides of his or her body plus the goal ahead and players waiting for the pass. There are several new skills to learn and rules about ball handling plus game-play to memorize. Add the fitness factor, and you are onto something good. Very little equipment is required. For more basketball tips, check out Vert Shock Review website.

Fitness and Focus

While not directly responsible for mental agility, a strong body is feeding the brain as it does to every other system and organ. Regular exercise promotes circulation which increases the flow of oxygen to muscles and organs, the brain included. With improved circulation, a person also feels more alert; less foggy and tired than before. It is a strange reality, but tiring out the muscles with a game of tennis before work or during the lunch hour is a way to energize the brain. Also, when muscles are tired and able to rest, it’s far easier to concentrate on sedentary work such as sitting to read or write; to troubleshoot and create. Stiff muscles craving movement are no longer a distraction.

Mental and Physical Health

Depression is the scourge of would-be successful individuals. If only they would understand how important exercise is to hormones, they would be working out right now to reduce anxiety and defeat depression. Of course, getting started is the hardest part, so it’s even better if one can prevent depression and anxiety or simply offset overwhelming stress by staying fit. Exercise causes the body to release chemicals that fight stress, improve one’s mood, and lead to an overall sense of balance in that part of the brain responsible for moods.

When you are sad, angry, or stressed, it’s tempting to eat poorly, drink too much alcohol, or make other bad choices about what goes into your mouth (too much coffee, sugar, or illegal drugs). All of these create a vicious cycle of disturbed digestion, mental fog, and/or agitation. They do the blood sugar no good and can lead to serious illness such as stroke, heart attack, or a seizure. In the workplace, they aren’t helping a person tackle the next big problem, and one enormous issue could be enough to send this person into cardiac arrest. Weight gain slows you down. Arteries clog, reducing blood flow to the brain, creating interference in the release of hormones and chemicals that fight mental illness – and that’s only some of what goes on. Imagine trying to maintain a successful business from a hospital bed or while worrying about a diagnosis.

Productivity in the Work Place

A direct correlation has been developed between physical and mental fitness and productivity on the job. Fit employees are happy. They turn up for work more often than their unfit, sick colleagues. They cope better with stress and fight illness more readily. Naturally energized, they readily take on new challenges. These individuals are confident, positive, and spread similar feelings among the people they work with as well as customers. Clients call them “can-do” people and are more willing to invest their money. All-in-all, a smart business person who wants to get the most out of his or her employees, finds ways to promote good health at work.

Work Place Provisions

This boss does not just organize team-building days, although those are fun. The staff room is stocked with healthy snacks, and there is an on-site cafeteria providing balanced meals low in refined carbohydrates, sodium, and bad fats. An on-site fitness room enables employees to get their half hour of daily exercise without losing all of their lunch hour to get to and from the gym, and lunch might even be extended to make allowances for eating and showering on top of that much-needed fitness break.

A very large facility has space for a small gymnasium where colleagues challenge each other to games of basketball or take part in regularly scheduled Tai Chi classes every Wednesday, yoga on Thursdays, for example. A squash court built adjacent to the gymnasium gives employees the chance to take part in heavy-duty competition. A rock-climbing wall encourages internal competition. It’s like the business world, played out on a small scale and for the good of employees. In the long run, though, everyone benefits. Good employees, valued staff members, are loyal to the firm and they feel like the boss really cares about them, not just the bottom line.

But what if you have a mediocre job but your fitness levels are more than average. Maybe you have the whole exercise thing down, but not so much the success part. Luckily there are plenty of mentors on the internet with valuable information. Like The 67 Steps Review – Tai Lopez for example. He has great insights into the habits of successful people, the best self-help books and more.

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